You Don’t Need to Buy New Things to Go Zero Waste

Photo by Maria Ilves on Unsplash

A lot of people want to start producing less waste and look to the zero waste lifestyle as a guiding light.

While the intention is always right, the way in which people go about it, in the beginning, can be a little counterproductive. If you’re looking to have a low impact lifestyle, don’t go out and buy new things!


A big part of going zero waste or having a low impact lifestyle is to consume fewer products because new things use up a lot of waste to get created and might create waste for you with packaging.

Upcycle what you have so you don’t have to make any waste at all! If you really do need things, try to get them second hand so you can avoid all the unnecessary waste before you even buy it.

Single Utility Items

You might see a really cute set of bamboo travel cutlery, but in reality, you’ll only be able to use those in one way, which goes against a lot of what zero waste is all about.

Instead, find multiple uses for all of your items so you don’t have to own so many things. If you need travel cutlery, just dedicate a few real pieces from your own kitchen and keep them with you in a little cloth bag.