You Have to Try These Strange Food Combinations

If you’re a foodie, tasting all those classic dishes probably isn’t enjoyable anymore, because let’s face it – you’ve tried them all. This is when you start experimenting with food and have fun.

These are some food combinations that might seem odd at first, but apparently, people think they’re delicious. So it’s worth trying.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

This dessert that comes from Japan is a perfect mixture of sweet and salty, given that you like the taste of soy sauce.

Grape jam and scrambled eggs

Add a few teaspoons of grape jelly on top of scrambled eggs and you’ve got yourself a nice breakfast. Some people even recommend adding a slice of cheese, so you can try that as well.

Pizza with Nutella

It appears that you can add almost anything to pizza and the result is going to be amazing. This is the strangest but probably a very tasty combination.

Apple Pie with Melted Cheese

If you ask us, adding cheese to any kind of meal can never be a mistake. A crunchy apple pie with melted cheese that melts in mouth sounds delicious.