You Should Always Empty Out the Food in Your Fridge Before a Trip!

Photo by Dennis Klein on Unsplash

Whether you’re going away for a week or a month, it’s always a good idea to clean out your fridge before you leave. Making meals with only the ingredients you have in your fridge before you go on a trip will not only save you time by eliminating a trip to the grocery store, but money, and is even more eco-friendly.

So, if you need some help in this department, here’s what you need to know.

Base Ingredients

Stored properly, things like onions and garlic can actually last a while, maybe even the duration of your trip. So don’t feel like you need to use all of them before you leave, but when you do, make sure they’re in a cool, dark place, but not in the fridge!

Mixing and Matching

If you feel like you have a lot of produce but things that don’t really go together, here are some good ideas of how to use them up!

If you have lettuce and some root vegetables, roast them up and make it into a roasted veggie salad. Or, boil or roast everything, throw them into a blender, and make a fantastic and healthy soup! This is a great way to use up dairy products as well.