Your Guide for Ordering Coffee in France

Matamata Coffee, Paris, France. Photo by Salomé Watel on Unsplash

Ordering coffee in a foreign country can turn into a real nightmare if you don’t know the language, especially when in France. That’s why we’ve prepared this short guide that’ll help you order your favorite cup of coffee in this magical country.

Café Express

Café Express is French name for espresso. Even if you order an “espresso” everyone would understand, but you should know what café express means when in France.

Café au Lait

You’ve probably heard about this one before – it’s a strong brewed coffee served with milk. The French usually enjoy it at breakfast with a tasty croissant and bread-butter-jam.

Café Crème

This is espresso with steamed milk and it’s usually served in cafés. Don’t confuse it with Café au Lait though which is made with brewed filtered coffee, not espresso. Order a Grand Crème if you want double.

Café Allongé

This is espresso diluted with hot water and the closest thing to American black coffee. If you like drip-style coffee, this is the one for you.

Une Noisette

What we call a macchiato in Italy or a cortado in Spain, in France it’s called Une Noisette. This is espresso with a dab of milk and it makes for a great post-meal coffee.