3 Animal Prints to Add to Your Wardrobe

Zebra print outfit
Photo by Bolarinwa Olasunkanmi on Pexels

For all the lovers of animal print, leopard is an old faithful. While this print is a timeless classic, there are lots of animals out there, and as such plenty of exciting prints to replicate in clothing and accessories. Here are three that will make your wardrobe pop even more:

Cow Print

This one is super fun and playful. Taking inspiration from the lovely Friesian Cow, the white base with black splotches adds an exciting twist to an outfit while remaining easy to pair with other colors and prints. Black and white go with everything, so gram some cow print and add it to any outfit. 

Snake Print

While snakes are not the most popular animal, their markings on the other hand are super desirable. You can expand into an exciting palette of colors here, including greens and yellows. For some serious glam, try something skin-tight in snake print with some gold accessories.

Zebra Print

This is one of the classiest animal prints out there. Again, it uses a monochrome base so it pairs well with so many other colors. The neatness of the repeating black and white stripes means this print works well on both large and small items, from coats to earrings.