Music Videos Sparked New Beauty and Fashion Trends This Summer

Fashion and beauty trends sometimes come from pretty unexpected places. Music videos of our favorite artists gave us a couple of pretty amazing style ideas this summer, and here’s a few everyone wanted to try. White Eyeliner White eyeliner was a huge hit after Euphoria came...

These 3 Fitness Trends are Booming in the Post-Lockdown World

Lockdowns and social distancing measures significantly changed the way we approach fitness in the last few months. Gyms are reopening again, but they no longer look the way we remember them, and these three new trends are here to stay. Socially Distant Workouts Traditional gyms had...

Rihanna is Ready to Break New Ground With Fenty Skin

After conquering the world of beauty and fashion, Rihanna is ready to completely change the way we look at skincare. Her new skincare brand Fenty Skin is almost here, and it’s aimed at everyone who wants to have great skin, regardless of gender. Rihanna...

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Your Next Day Trip Destination

Our travel habits significantly changed in the last few months, and local travel replaced long international trips. Day trips are one of the most popular ways to explore the world these days, and here’s how you can pick a perfect destination for your next one. Short and Sweet

How to Welcome the Cottagecore Trend Into Your Home

Cottagecore is one of the most surprising trends to emerge in the era of social distancing, and it’s basically a romantic take on farm life. Most people are embracing it by wearing prairie-inspired fashion items, but welcoming it into your home is also an option. Outdoor Area