Try This Delicious Three-layer Cranberry Trifle

The Most Delicious Three-Layer Cranberry Trifle
If you are all about tasty desserts, this cranberry trifle recipe is all you need in your life. Ingredients: There are three separate layers with separate ingredients. For the cranberry layer get 1 cup sugar, 24 oz fresh cranberries, 1...

Cities Every Book Lover Should Visit

If you love books and reading, your ideal vacation probably revolves around them. There are many cities in the world you can visit if you want a chance to spend time in unique bookstores and libraries and to bring home some unique souvenirs. Buenos Aires, Argentina

If You Love Drinking Herbal Tea, Beware of These Side Effects

A lot of people use herbal tea in place of caffeinated drinks, or as a way to fall asleep at night. Although herbal tea does a lot of good for the body, and really can have amazing benefits, if you drink too much of some types of herbal tea you can really...

Glitter is Out (Boo!) but Metallic and Foils Are In (Yay!)

In 2019, it's all about metallic eyes. This means for the time being, glitter is out. Metallic and foils are in. The upshot of the trade off is that metallic eyes are a lot easier to clean off than pesky glitter. The mirror smooth shine stays shiny and glam...

Hair Do’s For When You Can’t Be Bothered

If you have long or even medium hair, chances are that you struggle with knowing what to do with it everyday. If you need a refresher on hair-do's, use this guide to help you out on those mornings where you just can't be bothered to do something fancy.