3 Disney+ Shows To Be Excited For in 2020

Hilary Duff in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" (2003). Photo by Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock (5878845g)

Now that the first season of The Mandalorian came to an end, Disney+ subscribers are looking for the next big thing this newly-launched streaming service has in store. Here are a few shows we can’t wait to see in the next twelve months.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The hilarious dynamic between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes was an important source of comic relief in the Avengers franchise. We can’t wait to see more of them in this promising series, which will see Wilson taking the mantle of Captain America.

Lizzie McGuire

The Lizzie McGuire revival will show our favorite teen misfit all grown up, and trying to navigate life in New York City. Lizzie will be 30 in the reboot, making her experiences just as relatable as always, since people who grew up watching this show reached the same age.

Love, Simon

Love, Simon made a real splash when it came out in 2018 because it was the first major studio coming-of-age movie with an LGBT theme. Disney+ is giving it TV treatment, but the series won’t focus on Simon, but another teen attending Creekwood High School, facing a similar set of challenges.