4 Easy Tricks For Applying the Perfect Eyeliner

Photo by Danielle Peterson on Unsplash

Perfect eyeliner is the makeup staple for most girls, but creating that perfect eye look can be really tricky sometimes. Use these easy eyeliner hacks to apply it perfectly every single day.

Figure Out Your Eye Shape

The first thing you need to do if you want a perfect eye look is to figure out your eye shape. This way you’ll know how to apply eyeliner in a way that’ll totally flatter your face.

Avoid Oily Lids

Use a primer and an eye shadow to prepare your eyelid and avoid that oily mess that makes eyeliner smudge and spread all over.

Use a magnifying mirror

Using your bathroom mirror won’t really work in practice, so make sure to get one of those magnifying mirrors that’ll make this complicated process a lot easier.

Trace Your Cat Eye With a Pencil

If you’re going for that perfect cat eye look, try drawing it with a pencil first – some people eve use a concealer. If you make any mistake, it’s a lot easier to erase a pencil than to make a mess by smudging your eyeliner.