5 Best Ways to Embrace Viral 2D Comic Book Nails

Nail Art
Image by elena1110/Depositphotos

This fall is bringing many amazing nail art trends our way, and one of them seems to be receiving more attention than any other. 2D nails that look straight out of a comic book are all the rage this fall, and here are the five best ways to embrace this trend.

Matte 2D Nails

If we had to pick the most popular variation of 2D nails, matte nails would make the cut. Most people opt for matte manicures because they give their nails a true comic book feel.

Glossy 2D Nails

You’re not a huge fan of matte manicures? No problem. Glossy comic book nails can look just as stylish.

French 2D Nails

Do you like 2D nails and French manicures in equal measure? 2D French is just the thing you need because it does a great job mixing these two popular styles into one.

Colorful 2D Nails

Most 2D nails we’re seeing these days come in subtle shades of white, beige, and brown, but there’s nothing stopping you from making your comic book nails as colorful as possible.

Ombre 2D Nails

Do you want your comic book nails to be colorful, but not too colorful? Ombre nails are just the thing you need! Paint each nail in a different shade of the same color and add some 2D details to the mix.