5 Best Ways to Make Your Staircase Truly Pop

Statement staircase
Photo by Judah Guttmann on Unsplash

A staircase can add some sophistication and personality to your home—as long as you decorate it the right way. This is often one the most overlooked areas in most homes, but you can make yours truly pop with these five home décor ideas.

Statement Mirror

Staircases and mirrors often go hand in hand, so consider looking for a beautiful statement mirror. It will make your staircase more visually appealing, especially if you add some vintage frames to the mix.

Artwork Bonanza

Most people enjoy transforming their staircase wall into a mini gallery, and for a good reason. This is a great way to add some personality to your walls and show your guests who you really are.

Stair Runners

If you’re trying to give your space an old-fashioned, vintage vibe, stair runners will get you there. They’ll make it possible to completely change the way your staircase looks without giving it a total makeover.

Eye-Catching Wallpapers

Wallpapers are also great for decorating your staircase, and you can never go wrong with them since there are many different patterns and colors to choose from.

Mini Garden

You can also transform your staircase into a mini garden by adding some plants and flowers to the mix, whether it’s by placing them on the stairs or hanging them on the walls.