5 Hidden Expenses of Low-Cost Airlines Worth Keeping in Mind

Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

Low-cost airlines made it possible for many people to travel the world without spending a fortune, but they aren’t always as cheap as they seem. Budget airlines secretly come with many hidden costs, and here are five that could increase the price of your plane ticket.


Checking in for your flight when flying with low-budget airlines is a must because most of them will charge you extra for this service at the airport.

Selecting Your Seat

If you want to sit somewhere specific during your flight, get ready to spend extra money. Seat selection doesn’t come free, which can be especially tricky if you want to sit next to your travel companions.

Flight Changes

Changing the date of your flight or canceling it altogether can be extremely tricky when you’re traveling with low-budget airlines. This service will cost you a fortune or you’ll have to pay an extra fee for a flexible booking beforehand.

Carry-On Suitcase

Even the tiny carry-on suitcase won’t be included in the price of your ticket, and you’ll only get to bring a bag or a backpack of specific dimensions on board.

Food & Drinks

In-flight meals and drinks are never free when you’re traveling with a budget airline, so it’s usually best to pack your own.