All You Need to Know About Amazon’s Exclusive Fashion Line “The Drop”

Amazon is continuing its quest to conquer the world of fashion with their latest project “The Drop”. The online retail giant prepared a series of limited-edition fashion collections, designed by global influencers, and we’re here to tell you what they’re all about.

How to Shop?

Getting your hands one of the pieces from these limited collection takes a little bit of effort since they’re only available for 30 hours. Amazon decided to make this step since they’re trying to capture the latest trends and use special fabrics that mostly come in limited quantities.

Who’s Designing It?

Each collection is designed by popular fashion influencers, who are getting guidance from industry professionals. They capture personal style and latest street style trends embraced by the person designing it, and Paola Alberdi was the first one in line.

What About the Next Collection?

Amazon is promising they’re going to drop a new collection designed by different influencer “every few weeks”. They’re recommending you sign up for text message notifications and follow @amazonthedrop on Instagram so you wouldn’t miss out.