Avoid These Common Painting Mistakes

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Paint transforms an old space completely. However, this process can be confusing if you choose to do it yourself. Even professional painters make mistakes. Read on to find out some common mistakes to avoid while painting your house.

Leaving the tape for too long

The painter’s tape helps produce crisp edges with clean lines. This makes the result professional, but this can quickly turn change if it is left on for too long. It can peel off the paint when removed eventually. Ideally, you should remove the tape one hour after painting.

Not using the proper brush

The brush used in painting matters a lot. One example of this is using a regular brush to apply water-based paint. The paint may not spread evenly in this situation. Always use the appropriate brush for your painting project.

Not considering the weather

If you plan to start a painting project, consider the weather because paints do not give good results in extreme temperatures. Also, when the weather is humid, it slows the drying process for water-based paints.

Not applying primer

If you’re planning to change color from a dark one to a light one, you need a primer to prevent bleeding of the old paint.

Not prepping the glossy surface

Glossy paint is durable because it has excellent resistance to grease and dirt. If you want to change from this paint type, prepare the surface before painting.