Best Wardrobe Staples to Pull Off a Vintage Style

Vintage style is not easy to pull off and people who want to take the plunge into this world may have some fears and doubts on how to do that. Take a look at a few staples you should consider grabbing if you want to pull off vintage style without feeling like you’re in a costume.  


A pussy-bow blouse is a must-have staple in your wardrobe if you’re a fan of a vintage look. Wearing this adorable and elegant blouse is the easiest way to give your outfit a vintage vibe.

Ruffle Collars

These adorable vintage collars look like something out of a Shakespeare novel, but that’s exactly the point! Still, if you think they’re too dramatic, look up to Awkwafina and mix them with classic items such as black skirt and blazer.


If all you’re looking for is just a subtle touch of a vintage vibe, then consider choosing a nice pair of dress gloves. They may not be fit for every outfit or occasion, but they will go perfectly with an elegant dress for a fancy occasion.


Hats aren’t as popular as they used to be, which is exactly why they should be your go-to statement accessory if you want to rock a vintage outfit.