On-Screen Fashion Inspo: the Ladies of “The Bold Type”

The Bold Type is pretty much Sex and the City for the millennial generation, but that’s not stopping it from being the most underrated show on TV. Despite positive reviews it received for its premiere in 2017, this show pretty much stayed under everyone’s radar – and so did amazing fashion choices of its leading ladies.

The Bold Type is without the debut one of the most stylish shows on TV right now, and it’s not hard to see why. It follows three young women dealing with personal and professional ups and downs while working at a fictional lifestyle magazine, inspired by Cosmopolitan.

This insightful series about young women chasing their dreams covers this topic in a way we haven’t seen before. It’s empowering, feminist and extremely relatable take on the reality most of us are facing, and it’s dealing with important social issues with compassion, humor and style.

Needless to say, fashion is a big part of The Bold Type, since this series takes place in the world where it’s extremely important. All of the main characters have their specific personal style, and fashion closet at their workplace is their sanctuary where they bond and share secrets.

Showrunner Sarah Watson worked closely with staff of Cosmopolitan while developing this series, but admitted she took a few liberties – especially when it came to fashion.

“I talked to them about what they did, and I even spent some time with the interns that work out of the beauty closet. Our fashion closet is fancier than their fashion closet because hey, wish fulfillment, but I did my best to make it as accurate as possible,” said Watson.