Galaxy Nail Art is the Perfect Minimalist Manicure For Spring

You might have noticed that galaxy nail art has become extremely popular lately, thanks to its dreamy and magnetic look. Nail artists are in a competition to design the most innovative and beautiful manicures that can capture an entire galaxy on our fingertips. One of them is a nail artist named Tal, who recently created her own version of “galaxy nails” that are now going viral.

Tal’s version of galaxy nails is a minimalist take on this mani in which only a tiny part of each nail is painted in black polish and adorned with small white stars. “A hint of #galaxy ✨I love this #minimal look and you know I’m obsessed with negative space,” the nail artist wrote in the caption.

“Negative space is my favorite style and I love galaxy designs so this is the perfect combo for me,” Tal told for Allure. She also revealed that the manicure is pretty easy to DIY because the most intricate part is not hand-painted.

“To create this look, I drew black lines and colored them with black polish and then I stamped the white stars.” The mesmerizing stars were created using Born Pretty’s white stamping polish with the Maniology x Kelli Marissa stamping plate.

Check out more of Tal’s designs below.