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There are so many Mexican restaurants in the US it’s hard to figure out which ones are really legit. But, this guide will help you greatly!


Though there is a lot of controversy within Mexican culinary experts, generally speaking, if a restaurant only offers you corn tortillas that are naturally gluten-free, you’re in the clear. Most of Mexico only use corn tortillas as it is native to the land, and even though there are regions where flour is used, generally you should really expect to find corn.


People in Mexico don’t just sit around and drink margaritas, so if you’re seeing some beer on the menu that you don’t recognize or drinks like a michelada, or soft drinks like jarritos, these are all good signs that you’re in a real-deal Mexican restaurant. These are drinks that people in both the US and Mexico actually drink, so it shows a lot about the authenticity of the restaurant.


If you go into a restaurant and it’s not highly decorated with cliche Mexican paraphernalia, that is definitely a good sign about being in a real Mexican restaurant. Things like sombreros or pinatas belong to a small part of Mexican culture, but not nearly enough to have it displayed all over a restaurant really just focusing on Mexican cuisine.

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