How to Test a Perfume Before Purchase

Buying a new perfume can be stressful. After you try on a few different ones on your skin you can’t distinguish the fragrances anymore and that’s usually when your hunt ends without you buying anything.

Learn how to properly test a perfume before buying it below.

Start with a Paper Strip

Before even considering spraying the perfume on your skin, use a paper strip. It’s good enough to give you a general idea of the smell you can expect so you can know if you want to test it on your skin next.

Test on Your Wrist

If you liked the scent from the paper strip, spray it onto your wrist and wait for around 20 seconds for the perfume to develop. Still like it?

Wait 30 Minutes

To see how the particular perfume works against your skin, you need to wait for half an hour. If you still like it after that time, that’s the perfume for you.

Bonus Tips

  • Don’t try more than three perfumes per day
  • Go perfume shopping in the morning, when your sense of smell works the best
  • Keep the perfume in a cold, dark place so it won’t change over time