Jigsaw Puzzles are the Ultimate Social Distancing Hobby

Jigsaw puzzles experienced a huge spike in popularity since the quarantine started and there’s a reason why everyone fell back in love with them. If you still haven’t discovered their charm, here’s a couple of reasons why they’re the ultimate social distancing hobby.

Passing the Time

We’re all looking for ways to pass the time while social distancing, and it takes hours, even days, to put some puzzles together, especially if they’re rich in detail and feature 1,000 or more pieces.


Another great thing about puzzles is that you can practice other hobbies along the way. You can listen to an audiobook or a podcast, discover some new music, or chat with your friends and family on a video-call.

Mental Gymnastics

We’re all looking for new ways to relieve stress in these difficult times and jigsaw puzzles can serve this purpose. They’re a great stimulation for your brain in general, since they can also increase creativity and improve short-term memory.