Need Some Fashion Inspiration? Here’s How to Wear Oversized Outfits

Denim jacket
Photo by natasha tirtabrata on Unsplash

The oversized look has been big in fashion for a while now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re upsizing your outerwear or pulling on a pair of pants one size too big, you can tick some serious style boxes by oversizing your clothes. If you need some inspiration on how to style oversized clothes, check out these outfit tips below.

Keep it Muted

There is a risk that oversized clothes can look a bit cartoonish or clownish. Avoid this by opting for muted, serious shades, such as black, white, or charcoal grey. This avoids any sense that you’re dressing as a children’s entertainer and brings the focus back to the cut and shape of the clothes.

Double Up

There used to be a rule that if your top half was baggy and oversized, your pants needed to be slim fit and skinny. This is no longer true, and street stylists and celebrities are experimenting with oversized everything. If you’re going down this route, you will need to think carefully about bringing some balance into the look – this can be done through slick, neat hair (which contrasts with the oversized clothes), or some carefully placed accessories that draw the eye.

Statement Piece

If you don’t want to try oversized everything, then opt for one statement piece which the rest of your outfit gets built around. For example, wear some giant, statement jeans with a tiny top and cute accessories, for a nostalgic noughties look that ticks many fashion boxes today.