Surprising Benefits of Short Nails You Should Keep in Mind

Most women enjoy having long nails gracing their hands because they consider them more stylish, but that shouldn’t stop you from going into a completely different direction. Short nails come with a long list of benefits, and here’s why they deserve more love.

Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to pay a visit to a nail artist every month when you have long nails because you can do everything on your own in ten minutes. They look healthy and clean even when you give them a minimum of your attention.

Super Comfortable

Having long nails also means you’re constantly keeping an eye on them and trying not to break them. You won’t have this problem if you keep them short, and they won’t be getting in the way when you’re trying to execute the simplest tasks.

Money Saver

When you have short nails, going to a nail artist is a choice, not a necessity. You don’t have to re-do them every few weeks, and nail polish is pretty much your only expense. They’ll still look super-cute since you can experiment with different designs at home.