The Queen of England is Officially Going Fur-Free

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Duchess of Sussex. Photo by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock (9715996bu)

For the first time ever, the Queen of England has made the decision to go fur-free.

For centuries, the kings and queens of England have been using traditional fur coats to keep warm. Now, in light of modern times, Queen Elizabeth II has made the decision to choose faux fur over the crueler genuine product.

The news was announced by Angela Kelly, the official dresser of the Queen. In her memoir, Kelly revealed that the Queen would be giving up her closet of fur coats for good. She wrote: “If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards, fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm”.

The news has been well-received by the animal rights activists. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, have shared their support of the Queen’s decision.

Mimi Bekhechi, the PETA Director of International Programmes, said in a statement: “PETA staff is raising a glass of gin and Dubonnet to the Queen’s compassionate decision to go fur-free. This new policy is a sign of the times, as 95% of the British public also refuses to wear real fur.”

The only question now is whether the Queen’s inspiring decision will result in real fur being banned in the UK. Time will tell.