The Secret to Finding the Perfect Jeans

Jeans can be worn with just about any outfit and owning a great pair is an essential in any fashionistas closet. Jeans never go out of style, but finding the right pair is not easy. Just when you thought you’ve located the perfect ones, there’s always something that’s just not quite right with them. We’re here to let you know how to find the jeans you’ve been searching for.


Finding a pair of jeans that fits you right isn’t easy and it’s definitely not something that happens overnight. Don’t expect to buy the miracle pair online and you’ll have to try on a bunch before you come up with the right pair.


Jeans aren’t usually super comfortable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best fabric to choose are ones with cotton or TENCEL™ fibers because they’ll be soft on your skin. Jeans with up to fifteen percent spandex and polyester will be stretchier and jeans with two percent Lyrca will be more like classic denim.


It’s best to get jeans in medium to dark washes with finished hems because they’re timeless and they’ll last throughout the seasons. Jeans that are faded and that have rips are cool now, but they won’t stay in style for long.