These Winter Date Ideas are Pandemic-Safe

During the pandemic, it’s easy to get stuck and stay at home. But if you’re in a relationship, dates are what keep the romance alive. No matter if the relationship is new or if you’ve been married for a while, dates are important. While planning a date during COVID-19 is challenging, especially in the winter, it’s not impossible. Here are some pandemic-safe date ideas.


When we think of a picnic we typically think of warm, sunny weather, but during the winter a picnic is a great way to cuddle up with your partner. Just dress in layers and bring some tasty snacks and a bottle of wine with you.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is super romantic, especially when you’re skating around a Christmas tree while holding your partners hand. To keep warm, grab a cup of hot cocoa.

Light Displays

Many people are upping their Christmas light display game this year to spread cheer to others, so be sure to check out the houses in your neighborhood as well as outdoor light shows.


Outdoor adventure lovers can connect to nature while enjoying time with their partner during a hike. The scenery is beautiful during this time of year.


Bring out your inner child and go sledding or tubing with your partner. You’ll have to get extra close to stay warm in the small sled.