Top 5 Nail Colors This Winter

Winter is a great time to play with color on your nails. When the weather is cold and your wardrobe is full of dark clothes you can spice it up with these fun nail trends.


The top color for the winter is gold, you can add some sparkle on the tips or paint your full nails gold or just pick one fingernail and paint on some gold glitter, the choice is yours!


If you are looking for that extra something, why not paint your nails green? This is such a fun winter color and there are so many shades to choose from. Try adding some shimmer to brighten up the look.


Both light and dark grey can look lovely on your nails over winter. You can change the texture by adding a matt topcoat or some silver glitter.


If you are looking for a hot party look, why not go with a beautiful red? This color is classic, sophisticated and it can look fabulous for both day and night.


And lastly, you can never go wrong with a nude nail, and with the winter trends of adding patterns and glitter, you won’t ever get bored looking at your hands.