This is Why You Should Join a Walking Tour

Walking tours are one of the most popular ways to explore a brand new place, since they allow you to quickly cover a lot of ground. Here’s why you should take them into consideration during your next trip.

New People

If you enjoy meeting fellow travelers, walking tours are the best place to do so. Traveling can get pretty lonely if you’re doing it on your own, going on a tour is a great opportunity to meet someone new who shares your interest.

No Planning

Exploring a place that you’ve never been to before can get pretty overwhelming. Planning can take forever, and if you’re too tired or too busy to do it on your own, just show up at the meeting spot and let the guide take care of the whole thing.

Useful Tips

Walking tours are a “touch and go” kind of experience and usually only last for a few hours, but you’ll leave with a lot of ideas for future explorations. Tour guides are usually locals who will give you a bunch of useful tips what to see and try in the city – so don’t forget to tip them if the tour is free.