Wear Low Ponytail for Effortless Trendy Look in 2018

Photo by Vincent Tantardini on Unsplash

Were you raised to think that ponytails are only for lazy days at home when you can’t be bothered to actually style your hair? Things have changed a lot lately and the ponytail, especially a low one, is a great way to look chic without trying too much.

You can wear it in so many different ways and add any desired accessories, like big velvet bows, that will elevate even the most ordinary outfit. Low ponytail looks equally great with straight and curly hair so pretty much any girl can wear them. Hop on the trend and let your hair rest from the constant blow-drying and heating tools. Tie it up quickly and continue with your day.

Ways to upgrade your ponytail to elegant hairstyle include braiding parts of your hair, adding elegant accessories, making your hair sleek with a hairspray. Feel free to improvise and experiment until you find your perfect look, then rock it proudly!