What Whisk is Right For You?

Photo by Deva Williamson on Unsplash

You might think that all whisks are the same, but in reality, there’s more to them than you think. Whisks are perfect tools to make smooth sauces, fluffy whipped cream, and more. Even though there’s a classic metal tool and shape associated with them, there are a lot of different types of whisks that each serve they’re own purpose.

Balloon Whisk

This is probaly the whisk you grew up with. It’s pretty large so it’s good for making big ticket items like eggs or merringue, but not as useful for getting lumps out of sauces.

Flat Whisk

A flat whisk is named such because of its shape and is best used for making gravy, roux, or any type of sauce with a similar base, because it’s able to incorpearte all the flavors well, along with scraping the bottom of pans to get every bit of flavor.

Rubber Whisk

This type of whisk might not seem necessary, but if you’re ever making something in a non-stick pan, it’s absoutely essential. This is because metal will scrape the bottom of non-stick, specifically Teflon pans, releasing the chemicals and making them unusuable. That’s why using a plastic or rubber whisk in these situations is so important.