You Don’t Have to Mix Foundation on the Back of Your Hand Anymore

How many times have you wished for a handy tool that will help you achieve the perfect foundation shade without messing up the back of your hand and worrying if it’s clean enough? The solution is here and it comes from the U.K.

Makeup Hand Palette is an amazing new product by the British beauty brand MakeupboxLdn that you can get for around $15 (plus shipping). You slip it onto your hand and use it to mix foundations to achieve the desired shade. It’s so simple and so effective! The product had a waiting list with 6,000 people on it when it first appeared, but it’s now available to everyone.

“I get so tan in the summer then so pale in the winter so this is useful for mixing my foundations to get the right shade,” says one reviewer on the brand’s website.

Do you want something like this?