You Have to Try This Simple DIY Marble Cleaner

Marble is one of the most expensive and most beautiful natural materials you can use in your house. Considering that it’s a huge investment, you want to find a safe and efficient way to clean it. Before you start using this DIY marble cleaner you have to make sure that the material has been properly sealed. Rubbing alcohol is neutral and won’t damage the surfaces.

Gentle materials such as this one require gentle ingredients. Make sure that the soap you’re using does not contain any harsh chemicals. Also, always use a microfiber cloth and very soft movements. Don’t overdo it with the cleaner. Once you spray, clean the marble right away.


For this DIY marble cleaner, you need water, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 3 drops of dish soap.


The only thing you need for this recipe is a spray bottle and the three simple ingredients. It should be a 16 oz bottle. Pour the rubbing alcohol in, then add the drops of dish soap. Fill the rest of it with water. That’s it, so simple and very efficient. To clean the marble surfaces, first shake the bottle very well. Spray wherever you need to and start cleaning with a microfiber cloth.