3 Benefits of Discovering New Cities By Walking Around

Every traveler has their own way of discovering a new place, whether it’s by public transportation or walking around. If you still haven’t embraced the beauty of exploring new cities on foot, here’s a couple of things that will change your mind.

Alternative Workout

You don’t have to hit the gym to burn some major calories while traveling if you decide to walk around whenever you can. Sightseeing is the best cardio you could possibly ask for, and you’ll come back home in better shape than you left if you decide to explore new places on foot.

Tiny Discoveries

Having a list of places you want to visit in a new city shouldn’t stop you from discovering other things this place has to offer. Walking is a great way to stumble upon lesser-known attractions you wouldn’t have noticed if you were traveling by public transportation from one spot to the next.

Local Vibes

Walking is also a great way to familiarize yourself with a new city and feel like you truly belong. In addition to discovering less touristy attractions, you’ll also get to see how people really live, and what it means to be a local in this new country.