3 Candle Scents Perfect for Winter

Photo by a l on Unsplash

Candles are ideal in the winter months. The warm glow given off by the flame adds a cozy feel to your home space, and the very small amount of warmth they provide is always welcomed! If you’re looking for a candle to add to your winter evening ritual, then the following scents are perfect for the season.


Nothing smells more like a comforting winter scene than the sweetness of pine. Whether you want this for the Christmas vibe or just to lighten up your January, this subtle yet warming smell will be a welcome addition to any room.


Another scent that is often associated with the festive period, but is ideal for any time during winter. The spiced sweetness of this isn’t too overpowering or sickly and will fill you with a sense of ease and relaxation as it drifts through the room.


This might sound odd, but you can find candles scented like wood smoke or campfire, which is a lot more satisfying and homely than you may think. The smoky warmth of these kinds of candles will help you feel cozy and give you the aura of a crackling fireplace.