5 Reasons to Wear the Same Thing Every Day

You’ve probably already heard about people who wear the same outfit every day in order to leave the decision-making out of their mornings. Successful man and women decide on a “uniform” they wear day after day and it may sound tempting to try it yourself.

We’re not talking about owning and wearing a single outfit, but rather having 5-7 same/very similar outfits you can wear during the week, wash on the weekend, and repeat. Here are five reasons to go for it.

No Decisions

We make numerous decisions every day and some of them require a lot of energy. Choosing an outfit in the morning or deciding what you’ll eat for breakfast every single day may leave you with less energy for more important things.

Personal Style

When you finally find the items that look amazing on you, you’ll want to wear nothing but them. No more need to buy items you’ll never wear!

Minimalist Wardrobe

It seems like everyone’s talking about minimalism these days. Having a minimal wardrobe that contains only clothes you regularly wear is liberating.

Fighting Fast Fashion

Choosing quality over quantity has multiple advantages. Investing in “uniform” pieces will make you look impeccable every single day, while fast fashion items you wear once or twice can never have that effect. Not to mention it’s sustainable and eco-friendly to buy long-lasting pieces.

Easier Laundry Time

Who doesn’t want less time in the laundry room and more time for other things? With uniform, you can wash all your clothes in one or two batches over the weekend and enjoy the simplicity of it.