A Lazy Susan Can Make Your Life So Much Easier!

Image by peciriacks from Pixabay

A lazy Susan is a rotating tray that you can sometimes find inside of a cabinet, or otherwise out on a table. They are super useful when you want to serve food to a table and make sure everyone can access it, but there’s actually so much you can do with a lazy Susan to help you in your everyday life.

Swivel TV Stand

If you live in a studio or loft apartment, and you don’t know if you should put your television nearer to your bed or to the couch, don’t make yourself choose! By using a lazy Susan, you can have the best of both worlds. Put a lazy Susan on a small table about equidistant from your bed and living room area, and then put your television right on top! As long are your TV has a built-in stand, you can swivel it back and forth depending on your needs.

Decorating Cakes

If you’ve ever seen videos online of people icing cakes perfectly in one go and wanted to do the same, you can! All you need is a lazy Susan and you can decorate any cake to your heart’s desire. All you need to do is put the cake on the lazy Susan, and spin it around as you put on the frosting or other details.