Alicia Keys Reveals Her Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

In case you accidentally forgot, Alicia Keys chose to stop wearing makeup in 2016 and ever since she made that decision, her skin looks healthier than ever.

In the latest “Get Unready With Me” video on her YouTube channel, the singer spoke about her skincare routine and you’d be surprised at how simple it is.

Keys started off her evening ritual by lighting a candle and drinking plenty of water from a mason jar. “Water—it’s a secret, it sounds so simple. It is important,” she said. Then she started prepping her face for cleansing with Osmosis Beauty Deep Clean Detox Cleanser.

“My face is very prone to breakouts. I can’t use just anything,” she adds. She can use either strong products packed with medical ingredients or gentle beauty products. The next step is to mist the toner over her face and this toner with tea tree oil and honey helps her prevent breakouts.

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Alicia revealed her favorite product that helps her get rid of acne. “My favorite trick is this crazy thing called the Advanced Blemish Lotion With Sulfur.” This lotion doesn’t have the best smell, but the singer says it works miracles. She applies it directly to her active breakouts using a cotton swab. The last product in her skincare routine is a moisturizer from Epicuren that smells unbelievable and helps her hydrate her skin.

Keys is living proof that we don’t need a collection of expensive beauty products to look beautiful and healthy. Her skincare routine consists of only three or four products and is more about relaxing and feeling good about yourself. Take a look at her video for more details.