Beginner’s Guide to Going Green

Photo by Alexey Lin on Unsplash

The green living concept is gaining popularity and we thought we’d share a few tips for the beginners who want to give it a try.

Green living, or sustainable living, means living a life in harmony in nature. This can be challenging, especially if you live in the city, but it’s very important if we want to do good for our planet.

Save Energy

Try to save electricity whenever you can. Turn off the lights you’re not using and turn the washing machine on when it’s full. This will also help you reduce the electricity bill.


Try to buy stuff made using recycled materials and make sure to separate your trash for recycling. By separating paper from plastic and glass you will do your part in helping the planet be healthier.

Reduce Waste

Avoid buying groceries packed in plastic whenever you can. Use your own shopping bags instead of getting the plastic ones at the store. Use a water filter instead of buying bottled water.