ASOS Responds to Tinder Troll in the Best Way Possible

No one likes an internet troll but Tinder trolls are the absolute worst. They use the dating app to make other users feel bad about themselves but one user was not having any of it.

Thea Lauryn was criticized by one of her matches for how she looked in a dress she had bought from ASOS. She responded with grace and then posted the conversation on Twitter.

“Not gonna lie you’re a bit of a joke but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favors. Hope this helps,” the idiotic troll messaged. After a brief back and forth, he added: “It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job! I tell you what… GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thank. Hope this helps.”

Naturally, the women of Twitter instantly responded with their love and support, reassuring her that she looks great in the dress and that she is rather freakin’ beautiful. The post quickly went viral and adoring comments flooded in.

Among these was a message from ASOS who loved the photo so much that they decided to use it as one of the photos of the garment on their official website.

Take that, Tinder troll.