Best Nutrients For Long, Healthy Hair

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Your diet reflects on every single part of the body. A lot of ladies struggle with bad skin, hair, and nails. Simple changes in the way you eat can help you have healthy hair, strong nails, and clear skin. Take a look at these foods you should definitely include in your everyday life.


This tropical fruit is packed in Vitamin C, the one that protects the hair from being thin and brittle. In other words, if you eat guavas you will soon notice a difference in the terms of a shiny, healthy do.


Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, the one that helps your hair grow. All you have to do is drink fresh carrot juice, add them to smoothies or include these vegetables in salads. The simplest ways to long, healthy hair.


Your favorite leafy greens will do wonders for the hair. Spinach leaves contain iron, a very important ingredient for a healthy hair. You can include spinach in salads, smoothies, appetizers and so much more.

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Amla Berries

The amla berries are an already established superfood that brings numerous benefits to your life. Among the many goods, these green berries can do for you is also a healthier, longer, shinier hair. If you can’t find them near you, you can always order them online.