Best Tips to Get a Flat Stomach

Having a flat belly is a dream for many girls. While you do need to work very hard to lose belly fat, it’s not impossible if you stick to just few simple rules. These are some tips that’ll help you get that perfect flat belly for the summer.

Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is the best time to start eating plenty of vegetables and switch from all those sweets to fruit. Treat yourself with healthy salads, and your belly will be thankful.

Get Rid of the Processed Foods

Microwave dinners, fast food, chips, soda are the worst enemies if you’re looking to lose belly fat, and you’re probably aware of that. Avoid processed food and sugar at all cost, and you’ll certainly see some improvement.

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🍕 “Processed food is bad for you.” Is it though? Technically, just about all food that we purchase is processe. Even the ones we consider healthy! Freeze dried fruit snacks? Processed. Pasteurized milk? Processed. No sodium canned vegetables? Processed. Would you consider any of these generally unhealthy? (Psst…Nope.) – So what does this tagline mean? As we have entered an (awesome) period of all kinds of tasty (and healthy!) food creations, the meaning of “processed” has become confusing. Healthy connotations: • Processing for food safety • Alterations to form that do little to negatively change the food’s nutrient profile (ie. Freezing, drying, chopping, pureeing, canning, etc) • Partial preparation for convenience • Vitamin or other micronutrient fortification – Less healthy implications: • Additives for flavor that lower the food’s overall nutrient quality (sugars, salts, fats-all depend on amount!) • Removing healthy nutrients for end goal (fiber/germ in grains to extend shelf life, fiber from fruit for juicing) • Using less healthy additives to extend a food’s shelf life (Sodium in almost everything boxed or canned-less is better, trans-fats in packaged baked goods, some chemical preservatives, nitrates/nitrites in cured meats) – Navigating “processed” foods: 1) Read labels! Get to know your ingredients list to catch things that don’t need to be there. (Contrary to other popular taglines, you do NOT need to recognize everything in that list, but you should be able to recognize a lot of it. Example, “Alpha tocopherol?” That’s vitamin E.) 2) Be mindful of sodium. Recommendations vary, but a general goal is ~2000mg daily. “Low/No Sodium” is a government regulated label, look for these. 3) Look for added sugars. A little isn’t a big deal, a lot can become a problem. 4) Ain’t nobody got time for trans fats. Check your nutrition facts for listed amounts and ingredients for “partially hydrogenated oil”. 5) Make room for your non-negotiables. Include more processed favorites at a reasonable frequency.

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Drinking plenty of water is good for the health, but it’s great for losing fat as well, as water boosts your metabolism and prevents bloating.

Avoid Alcohol

This is not a popular thing to say, but keeping your alcohol intake to a minimum is crucial. Alcohol is full of calories which can cause you to put on weight and you can say goodbye to your flat belly.