Best Travel Souvenirs You Can Get for Free

Collecting travel souvenirs is one of the best ways to remember all the amazing places you’ve been to. Unfortunately, most of them don’t come cheap, but there are some you can always get for free.


Chances are you’ll leave every country you visit with some spare change in your pockets, so why not keep them and start an amazing new collection along the way?


You can find free travel maps at pretty much any airport, hostel and tourist information office, and they’ll barely take up any space in your suitcase if you decide to bring them back.

Ticket Stubs

Train, bus, and metro tickets are pretty much different everywhere and it will be interesting to compare them once you come home. Museum tickets are also a good idea, and they come with fond memories.

Rocks and Shells

You can also pick up a small memento during your walk on the beach. Tiny pebbles and beautiful seashells sometimes look so much better than anything you could possibly find at a souvenir shop.