Can You Teach Yourself to Like Different Foods?

There are just some foods that people do not like. Whether you think that cilantro tastes fully like soap or anything licorice flavored is disgusting, we all have certain flavors that do not appeal to us. But, if you are up for the challenge, you actually teach yourself how to like different flavors. It does take some practice and you may not love it all the time, but it will help you expand your palette.


The biggest thing when it comes to liking new foods is to eat it many times. Some people say it takes 20 times to start liking a food you previously hated, but it might be less depending on how strong the flavor is for you. Try eating just a little bit at a time but do it as many times as you can.


The best way to eat food you don’t like it to combine it with food you already like! If you’re trying to love something bitter, mix it with a sweet ingredient to mellow it out a bit. Or put it into an “everything but the kitchen sink” type meal so you have many other flavors to pay attention to.