Fan of Homemade Ice Cream? Follow These Sweet Instagram Pages!

Ice cream is the unofficial dessert of the summer, but what if you’re not a huge fan of store-bought brands? Making your own is always an option, and here’s a couple of Instagram pages you should follow if you’re looking for delicious recipes.

Green Smoothie Gourmet

Popsicles are all the rage this summer, and this is one of the pages you should follow if you enjoy them. To make the whole thing even better, all of Dee’s recipes are plant-based!

Food by Rach

Rachel Parks is another vegan blogger all ice cream fans should follow on Instagram. In addition to sharing popsicle recipes, she also enjoys making classic ice creams with plant-based ingredients.

Beaming Baker

Demeter Trieu’s Instagram page is a true paradise for people with a sweet tooth. She enjoys sharing recipes for all sorts of sweet treats, and she’s making space for homemade ice cream on her feed this summer.

Addicted to Dates

Christina Leopold’s Instagram page is also overflowing with dessert recipes, and all of her ice creams are 100% vegan.