Hair Trends We’re Loving Right Now from Justine Marjan’s Instagram

Justine Marjan is one of the most popular hairstylists on Instagram, and we can always count on her to introduce us to the latest hair trends—including these five.

Baby Hairs

The days of hiding our baby hairs are long behind us, and Marjan is here to encourage you to show them off with pride.

Chunky Highlights

Several A-list stars, including Kylie Jenner, dyed the front of their hair a lighter color, putting the retro chunky highlights back on the map. Justine Marjan also approves of this trend.

Flipped Ponytail

Chunky highlights are not the only 90s trend that made a major comeback this summer. The Bratz-inspired high ponytails are also more popular than ever.

Oversized Scrunchies

Justine Marjan has always been the queen of over-the-top hair accessories, and oversized scrunchies seem to be one of her favorites this summer.

Just Add Pearls

Pearls and seashell details are two of the biggest jewelry trends of the year, and they also made their way into the world of hair accessorizing.