Fashion Trends That We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere at This Year’s Coachella

Fairy dress
Fairy dress. Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Coachella is finally coming our way this month, and if you still haven’t started planning your outfit—now’s the time! Pinterest shared a list of fashion trends that festivalgoers have been searching for ahead of Coachella, and these four ended up making the biggest splash.

Lana Del Rey Core

Speaking of outfits inspired by the 2010s, outfits inspired by Lana Del Rey’s style will be having a moment, paying homage to one of this year’s headliners.

2014 Nostalgia

Pinterest users are feeling pretty nostalgic about classic festival looks from the early and mid-2010s. “2014 core” emerged as one of the leading Coachella trends for this year, and it’s all about wearing funky crocheted outfits with a hippie vibe that used to be all the rage a decade ago.

Dark Feminine Energy

From corset dresses and leather pants to biker boots and red wine nails, some of this year’s leading Coachella are inviting you to embrace your dark feminine energy and step out of your comfort zone.

Fairy Vibes

If you feel like dressing like a mythical creature, Coachella is a perfect occasion to step into a fairy tale. Fairycore is one of this year’s leading fashion trends, and it’s all about wearing whimsical lacy dresses with bell sleeves, along with fairy-inspired makeup, hairstyle, and nails.