3 Ways to Make Your Avocado Toast a Little Bit Healthier

Avocado toast
Photo by Gaby Yerden on Unsplash

Avocado toast is one of the brunch staples we all know and love, and many people tend to reach for it when they’re trying to have a balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately, this trendy dish isn’t necessarily as healthy as it seems, but there are some tricks you can use to make it a little bit better.

Bread Choice

The bread you choose can make or break your avocado toast—and any other kind of toast, for that matter. Whole-wheat bread is the healthiest possible option on the market, so you should use it instead of highly processed white bread whenever possible.

Less Avocado

Eating avocado is one of the best ways to add some healthy fat to your diet, but it’s important to remember that your fat intake is still going up. That’s why it’s crucial to use avocados in moderation when making your toast and stick to one quarter per slice.

Right Toppings

Your avocado toast will be as tasty and healthy as the toppings you add to the mix. Eggs are the most popular choice because they’ll add protein to your avocado toast and transform it into a balanced meal. Cheese and bacon are best avoided and you should consider replacing them with fruits and veggies instead.