Feeling Lost at the Gym? Here’s How You Can Find Your Way

Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

Joining a gym is the first step towards reaching your fitness goals and leading a healthy lifestyle, but there’s still a long journey ahead of you.

If you’re feeling a little bit out of place in the beginning, follow these three steps to find your way.

Do Your Research

Hitting the gym completely unprepared is never a good idea. Try to figure out what your fitness goals are, what pieces of equipment you should use to attain them, and what exercises suit you best before your first session.

Don’t Be Shy

Everything should come easy after you finally summon the courage to hit the gym for the first time. You’re paying your membership for a reason, so don’t be afraid to ask the staff to show you the ropes if you’re not familiar with some of the pieces of equipment.

Baby Steps

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to other people who’ve been working out on a regular basis for years. You’re still a beginner, and it’s natural to start small, by using the machines that don’t seem too intimidating because you’re already familiar with them.