Here’s Why IKEA’s Latest Ad Campain Just Went Viral

IKEA’s latest ad campaign is being re-shared across all social media platforms and there’s a good reason for it. The Swedish furniture giants have recreated sets from everyone’s favorite TV shows using only their furniture.

The campaign is called “The Real Life Series” and brings to life the living rooms of The Simpsons, The Friends gang and the Stranger Things clan. This means that you can actually live in a replica copy of Monica and Chandler’s flat without having to shop further than IKEA.

Here’s the full series.

“Room For Everyone”

IKEA nailed their Stranger Things replica, right down to the creepy Ouija board they scrawled on the walls. We’ll probably give the eerie wall decor a miss but we’re digging the ’80s furniture vibe.

“Room For Family”

The replica of The Simpsons living room is so good that it actually looks animated. The only giveaways are the reflections on the lamp and the shiny floorboards.

“Room For Friends”

Finally, the nostalgia we are getting from their Friends replica is unreal. It’s not perfect but with the addition of a few candles, we can practically see Monica proposing to Chandler.