Host a Virtual Dinner Party in Five Short Steps

If you miss dining out with your friends and family while social distancing, you can recreate the same experience in the comfort of your home by taking these five steps.

Perfect Menu

The best way to recreate the authentic dinner party experience is to pick a dish all of your guests like and can make at home with ease.

Right App

You’ll be using an app to communicate with your guests throughout the evening, so choose one that everyone is familiar with, and consider having a trial call beforehand.

Setting the Table

Recreate the authentic dinner party atmosphere by setting the table the same way you do when having guests over – fresh flowers, good china, fancy silverware and all!

Light Conversation

Chances are you’re being bombarded with information about the current health crises from all sides, so use this evening with your friends to relax and unwind by discussing lighter topics.

Dressing the Part

You can also enhance the feeling you’re at a real dinner party by ditching your sweatpants for one evening and putting on your favorite dress and a pair of high heels.