3 Retro Home Décor Trends You Should Embrace This Spring

Each new season brings new décor trends along and spring is the perfect time to give your home a total makeover. If you’re looking forward to giving some new decorations a shot, here’s a couple you should take into consideration.

Honeybee Motifs

With everything around us blooming right now, honeybees are back and thriving, in more ways than one. Motifs that pay homage to these insects are slowly making it to our homes, in everything from kitchen containers to wall art.

Seashell Décor

Seashells are here to bring beach vibes into our homes, long before summer arrives. You can find a bunch of home décor items featuring these motifs—most notably lamps and pillows—or even make your own with old shells you found at the beach.

Hanging Plants

If you’re looking for new ways to display your precious plants, this trend is just for you. Hanging planters are all the rage right now and they’ll give your plants an artsy look while saving you a lot of space along the way.