How Often Should You Brush Your Hair?

Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash

Traditionally, hair brushing was seen as beneficial for the hair and something to do as regularly as possible. However, growing awareness in hair science has led some to suggest that over-brushing can lead to hair breakage and even loss. If you’re wondering how often is often enough when it comes to brushing your hair, check out this guidance and advice.

What is Your Hair Type?

For those with straight, smooth hair, hair brushing is unlikely to seriously damage hair as the brush or comb can glide through seamlessly. Those of us with wavy or curly hair may find that coils and knots form quickly, so brushing is necessary to clear these from the hair. However, over-brushing curly and wavy hair can lead to breakage as the brush tears through small knots, so it’s a case of balancing the need to untangle with the need to protect your hair. It’s recommended not to go more than a week without brushing your hair, to stop tangles becoming too knotted.

How to Brush

If your hair is smooth and relatively untangled, dry brushing is the way to go. If your hair is more prone to tangling, it’s best to dampen hair and comb an oil or serum through with your fingers before you tackle it with a brush. Do be aware that wet hair is more elastic and therefore more prone to breakage, so brush gently and don’t tear the brush or comb through tangles.

Type of Brush

For those with wavy to curly hair, detangler brushes are a lifesaver. With longer bristles interspersed with shorter ones, these brushes gently but effectively untangle your hair. For those with straighter hair, a fine-toothed comb will really sort those knots and tangles out.